How to Bet on Rugby: The Ultimate Guide to Winning Bets 2023

The most common bet is the Moneyline bet, simply betting on which team will win. You may also opt to bet on the point spread, which is how many points one team is favored to win by. Union is more common and is played with 15 players on each team. Factors that may affect withdrawal times include anti-money laundering checks and whether you still have an active bonus in your account. You may also need to upload verification documents when making your first withdrawal, which usually takes around 24 hours to process. With that said, we recommend using eWallets such as PayPal for the fastest withdrawals.

  • The sportsbook will add a handicap to the favourite in order to create more of a chance for the underdog to win.
  • It’s much easier to get up to speed with the latest news regarding teams and their upcoming matches, which increases the odds of placing winning bets.
  • Here at Betkiwi, we have designed the ultimate rugby betting guide for you to get started.
  • The game of rugby is one of the most exciting sports you can watch, either live or televised, with non-stop action and an often unpredictable outcome.
  • If you’re not comfortable betting online or want to try out a new casino, you can also bet on rugby at a land based casino.
  • Unlike match winner, which focuses on individual games, outright bets only pay out if your chosen team wins the entire tournament.

It’s a simple concept, but a rarely followed one by most bettors. For instance, a commonly-found prop is which player will score the first goal of the game. Another example is which player will finish the match with the Playzilla Casino most yellow cards. The over/under wager is concerned with one thing and one thing only — how much points both teams will combine for. Bookies will pre-set a point total and bettors simply pick over or under that figure.

Bookmakers have to list betting odds for bettors to know how much they stand to make from their wagers. So, when looking to bet on rugby, make sure you look at the rugby odds the match. Some competitions such as the English premier league reward bonus points when a team scores 4 tries or more. Subtle rule changes are common in rugby with most of them being designed to introduce more entertainment to the rugby audience. The fundamentals of the game remain the same but knowing that teams can be rewarded by winning by a bigger margin should influence the way you think about the game in question.

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Predicting outright winners requires a comprehensive understanding of team performances, player strengths, and historical data. Consider each tournament or league’s favorites, dark horses, and underdogs. Assess the teams’ overall strength and consistency to make predictions on eventual winners.

Read on to discover how to bet on rugby and make your wagers count. Understanding these markets will allow you to explore different betting options and tailor your strategies accordingly. Placing small bets can be a way to add a little excitement to the games without risking too much money. No matter how you go about it, picking an underdog is always a risk. But if you’re willing to invest the time and effort, this could be the way to make some serious profits when betting on rugby. This way, even if your chosen team doesn’t win outright, you’ll at least receive some money back on your bet.

Rugby Betting Explained

Well, first, you need to check if the site offers a generous welcome bonus. Then you must check if the bookie puts forward the rugby betting odds early. Such sites are trustworthy and prove their reliability than those that update odds minutes before the game starts. Even though rugby betting websites are popping up everywhere, not all of them are created equal or worth your time.

Different Rugby Betting Types

Rugby prop bets can become quite complex, and the same goes for parlays and in-play betting. If you are new to betting on rugby, we recommend researching the teams before selecting your wager. The decision paved the way for individual states to regulate online sports betting, with New Jersey becoming the first state to launch legal betting sites. In general, skill-based prop bets are better suited to experienced gamblers. However, that does not mean you cannot leverage your rugby knowledge to take advantage of favorable odds. At the same time, prop bets provide several more markets than traditional bets, making them a popular option during live matches.

Rugby Betting Guide NZ

You can enjoy moneyline, handicap, totals, and over/under wagers. We want you to understand rugby betting lines are not the same as rugby odds. The betting lines in rugby will be either a handicap bet or an Over/Under bet. Handicap betting lines are very important, particularly in world rugby, where mismatched teams often compete against each other. You’ll always see a stronger team get handicapped by certain points. When you see a negative (-) before the number, this tells you that the team is considered to be the favourite to win. On the other hand, if you see a positive (+) before the number, this indicates the underdog team in the match.

Following Expert Rugby Tipsters

Any time you make a wager — whether it’s a spread or player prop — you need to have an evidence-backed reason why you’re making that selection. Unlike the aforementioned bet types, futures are long-term wagers. Depending on the bet and when exactly you place it, futures could take weeks, if not months, for a result to be finalized. Generally, bookies will denote one team as the betting favorite and another as the underdog (on rare occasions, games will be at pick-em where no one is a favorite or underdog). Negative (-) and plus (+) odds create the distinction between the two. Commissions do not affect our editorial choices and the ratings we give to online sportsbooks and casino operators.

Expert rugby tipsters offer valuable predictions and analysis based on their in-depth knowledge of the sport. Follow reputable tipsters who have a proven track record of successful predictions. However, always combine expert opinions with your research to make well-rounded decisions. Predict whether the total points scored will be over or under a specific threshold.

How to bet on rugby games?

There are several international competitions for rugby league betting. A try is the main method of scoring and yields the highest number of points, with penalty and drop goals and conversions being the other manners in which players can score. The second most popular type of rugby bet is on the total number of points scored. Over/Under bets are just as easy to understand and just as the name suggests, they focus on the combined number of points scored.

At BetOnline, newbies can earn as much as $1000 in free play off their first deposit (which is matched at 50 percent to be exact). This money is credited to players’ accounts off the bat — before they even make a bet. Not a bad way to “juice” your bankroll without taking unnecessary risk on your side. As we’ve pointed out, rugby is played all over the world — and with that, in wildly different time zones. Cause of that, chances are you’ll be in different environments when games are being played.

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